Diana Lenzo 
Coach Lenzo first experienced Synchronized Swimming when she was 13 from participating in a Summer N'Synch program at a local pool.  She later became involved through her daughter's swimming with the BGC Gaviatas.  When the Gaviatas increased in membership, Coach Lenzo volunteered to help.  She earned her Level 2 Certified Coach and also worked her way to become a Level 3 Regional Judge.  When Coach Jerry Natoli retired, Coach Lenzo was chosen to be the Head Coach.  She continued in this position for 10 years until she retired in 2014 due to increasing job responsibilities.  She has returned to the Gaviatas to coach and continue the long tradition of Synchronized Swimming in the Triple Cities.

When not on the pool deck, Coach Lenzo was involved with Synchro.  Coach Lenzo has held the Adirondack Association Chair, Secretary, Education and Judging chair positions.  She also volunteered at the East Zone level and was elected for 2 terms as Secretary and ultimately East Zone Chair for 2 terms.   Even though she retired, she continued to give back to the sport by being elected to the United States Synchronized Swimming Foundation where she held the position of Trustee/Secretary until 2017.  

Coach Lenzo is excited to be back on the pool deck and coaching! She grew up in the Triple Cities and lives in Maine with her husband Jerry and English Setter Jenny. They have 2 children: Felicia and Dominic (who met his wife Kayla through the BGC Gaviatas).  In her free time, she enjoys crafts, sewing, yoga, and boating.  Coach Lenzo graduated from Maine Endwell, SUNY Broome Community College and holds a Bachelors of Economics and Business from Binghamton University.  She is currently an Executive Secretary to the Vice President of Student Development at SUNY Broome Community College. 

Alicia Wimmer
Coach Alicia first floated in a swimming pool at the young age of 6 weeks old when her Oma (grandmother), Dolores Wimmer, started her in swim lessons. As with all of the "Wimmer girls," Coach Alicia progressed to joining synchronized swimming at the age of 5. She was interested in dabbling in other forms of musical activities, trying a year of ballet when she was 8, but realized how much she missed synchro and returned to her original sport. She also picked up a clarinet for the first time in 4th grade and continued to play in symphonic band through her freshman and sophomore years at Keuka College, allowing her to expand upon her sense of rhythm and musical counting. She started competing in synchro intermediates at the age of 10 when Coach Jerry Natoli came to the BGC synchro scene and put together the "Super Six" competitive team. Coach Alicia even had the privilege of taking part in the vote to rename the synchro club as the BGC Gaviatas shortly after Coach Natoli arrived. The Super Six moved on to Age Groups, and Coach Alicia finished her Age Group career with a solo when Nationals was held at Binghamton University. She had the privilege of being coached under Nancy Whitman at Keuka College during her freshman year until the college decided to close down the pool in her sophomore year. 

Coach Alicia continued to yearn to be a part of a competitive team sport and decided to join the Ithaca League of Women Rollers (ILWR), the local roller derby league of Ithaca, NY, in her junior year of college. Since then, Coach Alicia has completed her Masters in Occupational Therapy, worked 2 years in the NYC public school system as an OT, skated with 2 other roller derby leagues both in Binghamton and New York City, and has finally found herself located back in the tri-city area working as an OT for an early intervention company, coaching for the BGC Gaviatas novice and intermediate swimmers, and skating again with ILWR. She is super excited to be able to give back to the synchro team that has given so much to her. 

Danielle Hickin
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Jessica Lorman
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Emily Pullis
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